How is information protected?

Secure Data Storage

Data is stored on Acuspire's private servers in a Canadian data centre, with daily backups. Security clearance is required for any Acuspire staff with data center access.

SSL/SSO Protection

Personal information is accessed through the web browser interface over an SSL-secured connection through an authenticated session (SSO or email/password login).

System Scans and Pen-Tests

Systems contain a mix of realtime protection and daily scanning mechanisms. Security tests are conducted on a routine basis to identify potential weaknesses.

What controls & processes are in place?

Acuspire Shield

  • DNS-level firewall - Blocks DDOS attacks, bot attacks and brute force hack attempts on the web application.
  • SSL-encrypted connections for all web-based connections and data in transit.
  • Security Groups - non-HTTP/HTTPS ensure that access to servers is restricted to traffic within Acuspire
  • DKIM records, SPF records, DNS-validated domain and restricted API keys ensure that only Acuspire servers are able to send email on behalf of Acuspire Enterprise clients.

Integrated Threat Protection

  • Server-level instant protection against cyber attacks and zero day exploits, powered by machine learning. Real-time analysis of scripts to recognize dangerous execution flows. Immediately stops malicious scripts from being executed. Core system software is patched automatically in real-time as security updates are released.
  • Fake and malicious email addresses filtered immediately at registration, stopping entry.
  • Role-based and credential-based data access checks within the Acuspire system.
  • Data access is restricted to users that own their data (account settings, messages, etc) or shared within the organization.

Email Notifications and Messaging

Acuspire has achieved the following:


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We encourage responsible disclosure of bug reports.

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