About Us

Meet Acuspire®

Established in 2016, we are 100% Canadian based, owned and operated. Canada

We offer a software product with an AI-powered resume bank and job matching to help your team search in warp speed! The past few years of working with recruiters and re-employment organizations enabled us to craft a system perfectly suited to helping get Canadians back to work.

A one-of-a-kind service, we offer the first true AI-powered solution focused on providing Canadian re-employment organizations with a state of the art experience completely branded end-to-end. It is a personalized, automated member of your team. It utilizes advanced technologies to connect candidate resumes to suitable job postings, all while providing real-time success metrics reporting.

Video: The Vision

Our mission?

At Acuspire® we are empowered to help connect employers and qualified job seekers across Canada faster while maintaining a quality experience from start to hired! Our mission is "A Future Without Job Search™".

How are we different from other software?

Unlike the traditional search process, our advanced algorithm instantly connects resumes with jobs that are a high potential fit. Why use a horse and carriage in 2022 if you can get a fast electric sportscar? Times have changed and we now have technology to make your life easier. The qualified person is out there. The right job exists. Using advanced technology, we have the power to speed up the connections between employers and jobseekers. There is no longer the need to spend hours searching.



In all our communication and decision making, this means assuming good intent in all situations, doing extra work to help out others. We're building Acuspire® to make the lives of people better. We believe that even a single kind gesture - or simply treating people well - can have a meaningfully positive impact.


Acuspire® is the product of all its contributors, not just a brainchild of its management. This means that our team treats it as their own: they act in the best benefit of our users and customers, taking ownership of any work they're doing.

That sense of responsibility extends to every part of our company. If a team member thinks we should do something different, even if it's in a completely different area of the company than the one they're active in, we encourage them to be involved! This applies to processes, our core strategy and product.

Taking initiative is at the core of everything we do.

This works two ways:

  1. We encourage new ideas and freedom regarding tools and processes most appropriate for the job.
  2. Team members are expected to think independently but work together. We ask that they speak up if they have reservations about something and work things out in a way that they think works best.

Agile Mindset

To move fast, we take decisions and default to action. We give team members liberty to make decisions in their appropriate areas of expertise, act quickly and work iteratively until a solution is reached.

The only decisions worth taking a long time on are those that are irreversible and large.


We want to delight our customers at every step, no matter what happens. We are obsessed with their happiness and success, and even surprise them (in a good way) when possible.

Examples of this are:

  1. Amazing support. Quick, personal, and helpful.
  2. Excellence in our product. We're making hard, boring things, easy. Because we deal with important matters, we must do so perfectly.
  3. Delight in our communication. If we sound corporate, we're doing it wrong.

Excellence extends to everything we do. The way we communicate, the things we build, the code we write.


We believe that being transparent helps prevent conflict, and helps people understand any situation better.

By default our team acts, communicates, and works collaboratively in the open. This allows others to contribute and prevents information from getting lost.


To be able to achieve really hard things, we have to be ambitious; being ambitious about the speed, quality and excellence of whatever it is that we're doing. Acuspire's vision is really hard to achieve, so we all have to do the best job we've ever done to get there.

Continuous growth

We strive for personal and professional growth. Everyone is encouraged to go beyond their own scope and to leave their comfort zone. We are not afraid to fail and make mistakes. Fail fast, learn fast!