Our Product

Finding Faster Pathways

The traditional re-employment services process requires continuous and intensive effort for lengthy periods of time. The difficulty is, without searching and applying continuously to jobs, great opportunities are missed. This is the 21st century. Shouldn't the best opportunities should be connected automatically?

Acuspire has developed a highly automated re-employment services platform powered by artificial intelligence. The product reduces the amount of time required to search for new positions, reduces the time required to find qualified jobs accessible to the candidate, and provides greater transparency for re-employment organizations with the ability to see real-time reporting of their operations.

Acuspire accomplishes this through an intelligent system which learns and adapts continually to deliver the optimal results to both candidates and employers. It sucks up a massive amount of data from open data catalogues, job sites, career site APIs and more. It then analyzes the data by leveraging both its own proprietary algorithms and language database as well as machine learning API services to interpolate accurate and intelligent results for job candidates and recruiters.

Key features:
  1. AI-assisted job search / matching process.
  2. Automated analytics as the jobseeker/employer moves through the platform.
  3. Automated tracking of success rates upon closure of job/resume from the platform.
  4. Accessibility-focused features such as viewing of jobs on a map with commute time and route via Transit / Bike / Walk / Car indicated.

Our platform is software-as-a-service and runs in the cloud, which means zero maintenance hassle for our customers. We provide enterprise customers with an all-in-one solution.

Our Value Proposition

You are here because you want a better user experience. Generalized systems offer a poor experience to searching in the market, are untailored to the re-employment process and blind the service provider to the process after applying for a job.

Key reasons to have an Acuspire system:
  1. Workflow improvements
  2. Job market access and data
  3. Success rate reporting on jobs filled and candidates placed, with detailed real-time, monthly and quarterly reports automatically available
Let Acuspire do the searching:

Eliminate countless hours. The experience for your clients will be as simple as dragging & dropping a resume or job into the platform to get started.

  • We index over 100,000 jobs across Canada - providing a one-stop solution for your client needs.
  • Results in seconds, tailored especially for each client.
  • Personalization - Ability for clients to bookmark or remove jobs. Ability to remove undesirable employers.
  • Job Alerts - Notifications via email and SMS for interview requests and new matches.

The Human Factors

We're addressing the human factors, by providing a platform that makes job seekers feel better about themselves, rather than burnt out and disheartened. While that may seem simple, two of the primary benefits we offer to applicants are the automation of redundant tasks within the job application process, and increasing transparency throughout the process.

When an applicant uses our platform, our goal is that they will experience higher response rates from employers, and faster turnaround time on interview requests. To employers and re-employment agencies, our goal is to deliver reductions in time and costs, as well as improved employment outcomes.

Part of our responsibilities with our customers is to quantify the impact of Acuspire on the operations of a re-employment organization, specifically measurement of the following to track the change before/after implementation:

  1. Time to place a candidate (from initial contact to hire)
  2. Time to fill a role
  3. Average success rate per job / resume at securing interviews.

Power Re-Employment