Place students faster,
with less effort!

Our intelligent matching engine saves you time by:
  • Making it easy for employers to find students
  • Improving employer to student matching
  • Automating the online job search process
  • Delivering real-time KPI reporting
happy about re-employment

“ We really liked working with Acuspire because they took into consideration existing systems and platforms that we were working with. ”

- Sarah Casorso Eco Canada

" Using Acuspire to find specific, technical skills are unmatched. The access to a wide variety of skill sets through the Acuspire database saved the project a lot of time by instantly narrowing the field of candidates to exactly what we were looking for. "

- Erik Westblom Vintri Technologies

"My experience with Acuspire and landing this role was such a positive one that I enjoy sharing with anyone when I can and will continue to spread to word about Acuspire's services. "

- Michele Kerr Content Curator & Social Media Community Specialist

" We went ahead and hired someone who applied to the Acuspire posting! From our interviews, he seems to be a perfect match for what we need right now. He’s got all the skills required and our posting was exactly what he was looking for in terms of position. Thanks for making the process quick and easy! "

- Jason Cihelka CTO, Isotechnics Software Solutions

Redefining traditional recruiting
and job hunting

Find the perfect hire in seconds with Acuspire

Real time search through database of resumes and job postings. Use specific search terms to find resumes that match perfectly with the job role.

Stop wasting hours searching for THAT job/candidate

Acuspire indexes jobs and resumes so you can get realtime notifications for the job/candidate, you want.

Get metrics and reports for your hiring

Track successful job matches and placements. Save time generating reports with real-time analytics.

Customizable hiring platform

Own your hiring portal. Apply your branding and your own processes across all parts of the platform.

Acuspire caters to
Large Govt.

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